"We martyrs.." American school shooters the US equivalent of suicide bombings.

At last an article in the New York Times on something many of us have known for some time. American school shooters are disturbed adolescents with an identical mindset and issues to many young jihadist terrorists in the West. As one of them said.: “It’s going to be a big event. When you see me on the news you’ll all know who I am.”

"Investigators say school shootings have become the American equivalent of suicide bombings — not just a tactic, but an ideology. Young men, many of them depressed, alienated or mentally disturbed, are drawn to the Columbine subculture because they see it as a way to lash out at the world and to get the attention of a society that they believe bullies, ignores or misunderstands them."

When are Western governments going to realise that we are dealing with mindsets, not ideologies? The ideology, if anything, is 100% western: fame, celebrity status, imitating Hollywood revenge movies and the narrative of the victim who becomes a somebody. Copy-cat is a more important driver than anything IS promises. It's also a deliberate part of the plan that most intend to be killed (be martyred).

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American school shooters are just like jihadists - most seek their own  "martyrdom".