Denmark is becoming openly Islamophobic - "a betrayal of our tolerant values". Ghetto "black spots" to be given "special" treatment.

The government of Denmark has announced a series of bizarre laws called "the ghetto deal" describing 25 different residential districts across Denmark where a significant number of the residents are either immigrants or of low socio-economic status. The prime minister has referred to these areas as "black spots on the map" and the proposed laws are, in the words of this article in the Guardian, "highly discriminatory" and aimed primarily at the children who are residents. 

As the article says..."Crime rates have actually dropped sharply in the areas in the past few years, but from now on, sentences for crimes committed in these areas will be twice as high as elsewhere, and now a whole family can be thrown out of their home if one of their children commits a crime. The children in the “ghettoes” will get special attention that other children apparently don’t need. All one-year-olds will be given 25 hours a week of mandatory daycare, which will include an education programme, and pre-school children will be given language tests (which they can fail)."

If this was Trump's America, Europeans would be howling disapproval.... so where's the EU or liberal response?

The problem is directly in line with other observations from States of Mind. The core democratic value of equality (at least of treatment under the law) it seems, is no longer a goal for Danish society...... and the concept of fraternity has taken on a distinctly nativist sense of exclusion. The term "non-Western immigrants" is being used to describe Muslims and freedom is being used as a stick to beat those "who do not share our values.' As we have said already in States of Mind, "Freedom" has been weaponized to create less tolerant voters... who in turn vote for populists. This fits entirely with the aims of the psychological war the IS and populists are sharing in their race to destroy democratic values.

The article continues...."And every time the word “migrant”, “foreigner” or “refugee” is mentioned, the same sentence is sure to hold several of these words and terms: “crime”, “terror”, “Islam”, “insecurity”, “economic expenses”, “demands”." "The issue of foreigners is the top priority of all political parties, in spite of the fact that very few people are asking for asylum at the Danish border these days. When the refugee wave was at its highest in 2016, Denmark gave asylum to 7,400 people - the equivalent of 1.3 people per 1,000 inhabitants."

"From the Danish media you get the impression that integration is a total disaster. In fact things are going better than ever: last year we saw a 60% rise in the number of employed new refugees. The old pattern of staying on welfare and not speaking Danish is quickly vanishing: the second generation have greater social mobility. But these facts do not fit into the government’s argument."

The greatest paradox of all this is that fact that everyday Danes are welcoming to immigrants. It's the government that (supported by the majority) seem to be taking the country in the wrong direction ... for no good reason.

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Danish government appears to be overreacting and playing the populist game in attacking democratic values