Conventional thinking, fear of knowledge, and the success of Bullshit in the modern world

Philosopher Harry Frankfurt got it right. There is a world of difference between the bullshitter and the liar. The liar knows what the truth is and doesn’t say it. The bullshitter on the other hand is much more dangerous since the boundary between truth and lies no longer exists for him. In general our conventional politicians are a disgrace to knowledge, truth and integrity. Leadership has evaporated and pursuit of the "Like" from the dumbed down voter - the desire for popularity and only popularity -- has made cowards of them. Most are too scared to call out Bullshit when they hear it and know it. They lie and they Bullshit - witness Dutch foreign minister Blok(head) - who said that immigrants are "genetically programmed" to stay together. The predictable response of right wing bloggers like the hysterical asses at Geen Stijl was to say that at least he’s one politician who’s prepared to tell the truth. NO HE’S NOT !!! Like most “facts” that back up positions that justify prejudice and discrimination, he made it up. The guy is a total Bullshitter. The reason for liberal despair is that his Bullshit fell on fertile ground. It resonated with too many as "probably true" because too many people are content to imagine truth rather than try to understand it. The bandwagonning we here at States of Mind have been predicting for democracies as they accelerate into fascist mythologies is already well underway. 

Video link to Harry Frankfurt here


Josef Goebbels - the big daddy of Bullshitters. Note the classic criminal liars' profile: the elongated head, the weak chin and strange angle of the ears...etc etc.