How bigots help IS to recruit. Research article reveals strong link between experience of Islamophobia and increased interest in IS propaganda.

States of Mind specialises in counter-radicalisation theory and best practice. It is an axiom of everyday radicalisation that every practitioner knows (yet about which many academics and politicians seem still to be in denial) that prejudice, discrimination and - in this case - Islamophobia, can lead to sympathy for - or at least increased interest in - the Islamic State's ideological nonsense and potential recruitment. States of Mind also argues that the auto-immune disease trap that IS has set for western democracies of increasing polarisation will lead inexorably towards increased support for IS. IS knows its draw for young men is not sufficient in itself and they require "a push" from their home countries in Europe and America.

In this research article published in the June issue of Science Advances, academic researchers examined the relationship between Internet searches on subjects related to anti-Muslim sentiment and pro-IS sentiment. This was a major piece of research covering data from more than 3,000 counties in the US. Researchers were able to show a clear correlation between the two kinds of searches.

The abstract for the article begins: "Recent terrorist attacks by first- and second-generation immigrants in the United States and Europe indicate that radicalization may result from the failure of ethnic integration—or the rise of intergroup prejudice in communities where “home-grown” extremists are raised. Yet, these community-level drivers are notoriously difficult to study because public opinion surveys provide biased measures of both prejudice and radicalisation."

"We find that anti-Muslim searches are strongly associated with pro-ISIS searches—particularly in communities with high levels of poverty and ethnic homogeneity. Although more research is needed to verify the causal nature of this relationship, this finding suggests that minority groups may be more susceptible to radicalization if they experience discrimination in settings where they are isolated and therefore highly visible......."

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Western media and populists are helping to assist the IS recruitment objectives. When will the idiots learn?