The narcissism of small differences: why neighbours - and colleagues - are often at war..

A very brief read here referring to a seriously pressing problem explaining why communities, neighbours individuals and movements are often "at war" over apparently trivial differences which get blown out of all proportion. This characteristic was memorably satirised and captured by a scene in Monty Python's "Life of Brian" where, in their efforts to drive out the alleged enemy, the Roman occupation, the "real enemy" of the People's Front of Judea was revealed to be the Judean People's Front.

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Brian addressses the masses, "You're all indivduals." One man shouts out, "I'm not."



Nietzsche - The flame of eternity: as deep as it gets

In this wonderful article “Nietzsche: The Lightning Fire” Tamsin Shaw reviews "The Flame of Eternity: An Interpretation of Neitzsche’s Thought” by Krzystof Michalski. It is a powerful analysis of Nietzsche as the poet-philosopher who brilliantly understood the power of emotions in revealing ultimate truths. It takes a look at some of the apocalyptic themes in Nietzsche, art and religion and how the juxtaposition of polarising ideas has been used to lead to profound insights into reality.

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The late, great, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "I know my lot. Some day my name will be linked to the memory of something monstrous, of a crisis as yet unprecedented on earth"