"Project Blitz" - The Plot Against America: New Christian-right tactics designed to destroy the US constitution.

For those who take an interest in how American democracy has been slipping away for decades - and is now in serious trouble - this article from the New York Times on American Christian Nationalism shows how the forces of insane Christianity have evolved tactics to destroy the legitimacy of the constitution itself. And they can do it.

As the article says: "What Christian nationalists know — and many of us have yet to learn — is that you don’t need a majority to hijack a modern democracy. You just need a sizable minority, marinating in its grievances, willing to act as a bloc, and impervious to correction by fact or argument. Make this group feel good about itself by making other people feel bad about themselves, and dominion may well be in reach."

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Democrats are perceived to hold values that are incompatible with the values of the Christian-right