McCarthyism: mass paranoia a self-harming disease 100% made in USA

It’s difficult to believe that Americans can be so gullible .... and so paranoid when it comes to imagined threats to national security. But then again, they've always been scared of the dark and we must remember that McCarthyism was a 100% undemocratic witch-hunt made-in-the-USA. The tone of this article appearing in The Atlantic Magazine by Uri Friedman (every bit as stupid and unquestioning as his namesake's columns for the New York Times (are they related?)) is becoming all too common and illustrates clearly what it means to say that the West is unaware that it’s already been engaged in a self-harming psychological war. Yep, self-harming. They take this feeble drivel and analysis from the Atlantic Magazine seriously. And any article that quotes Sebastian Gorka as if he had an intelligence superior to a bi-valve mollusc needs to be savoured for its rich irony and black humour.

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From witches to injuns and commies to A-rabs, paranoia and fear have always run deep in the US national psyche....