"Seduced" US "dotard" helps Saudis to keep war going in Yemen. When will they learn?

This catastrophic war is now threatening millions of civilians. It has already killed 10,000 Yemenis and left more than 22 million in need of humanitarian aid. This Guardian article makes clear that the Saudis have seduced Donald "The Dotard" Trump into keeping the war going by hyping the threat and connection between alleged Iranian expansionism and the Houthis. During his visit to Saudi, Trump announced weapons sales of more than $110 billion over the next 10 years. In fact, much of this had already been approved by Obama. 

The picture is even more complicated and murky. There is an improbable and de facto strong alliance now between the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE - against Iran and Iranian influence. For the US, this is simply a case of taking foreign policy instructions from Israel. This has more or less been the order of the day for the US (actually de facto no longer a sovereign country where foreign policy in the Middle East is concerned since 9/11) with brief periods when Obama managed a little push-back. For the Israelis this alliance is strategic in forming a coalition against Iran as a nuclear power that could threaten Israel - it's main concern -- at the same time as supporting Israel's near enemies, Hezbollah and regime forces in Syria. For the Saudis and UAE it's also strategic in helping their Sunni sectarian objective of defeating the influence of Shi'ia Islam. This unholy alliance of Gulf Arabs, the US and the Jewish state is very much a case of "My enemy's enemy is my friend" and cannot last - not least because the Saudis could find themselves isolated from other Arab states sooner rather than later. Mohammed Bin Salman - the young Saudi ruler - is playing with fire with both the Israelis and Trump - not to mention the alleged "special relationship" and late night chats with renowned Middle East peacemaker and US regime twerp, Jared Kushner. Meanwhile Trump's support for the Saudis is helping to create the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet. Quelle surprise....

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