Police chief says rising crime is a direct symptom of rising inequality

A senior police chief in the UK Metropolitan Police has said that rising crime is directly related to inequality where more people "feel they do not have a stake in society." This confirms absolutely the core purpose of States of Mind's agenda: to highlight that the breaking of key democratic values - values that help democracy to function on an everyday basis - creates a high price for everyone.

There's a limit as to how much we can try to remove the symptoms of inequality, but unless we tackle the root causes, these symptoms will merely get displaced onto other issues and in other ways. Put simply, the problem won't go away by itself.

“I think that is not good for society, for social cohesion, but also it is not good if people do not feel they have the stake in society. We have to look at and ask ourselves individually and collectively: why do people feel they do not have a stake in society?"


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Social cohesion and tackling inequality - huge factors in creating a safer world