Taliban Trump creating a Caliphate in America. Christo-fascist theology being used to support inhumane policies.

According to this Guardian article by Nesrine Malik, Trump officials quoting from "Holy Scripture" to justify inhuman policies, is something he has seen many times before in the Arab world. He refers to this as "Instrumentalising" religion. Actually, it's worse than that: it is "weaponising" religion since it will also be invoked to justify the next war when it comes (see also the States of Mind article on US Attorney General, "Idiot" Sessions, using the Bible to justify inhumane separation of children from their parents).

As Malik says, "It is chilling to see religion used this way in a supposedly sophisticated, liberal democracy, and in particular this element of it, which reduces politics to mere compliance. But it is comforting, in a macabre way, to have it proved that nowhere in the world have humans evolved beyond instrumentalising religion to justify tyranny. The most bewildering thing about US dictator creep isn’t that it’s happening: it’s that it is happening with such predictability."

There is a concerted effort now by the Christian-right in the US to deliberately subvert the values of the Constitution (see also article in States of Mind - The Bad and the Ugly). In more normal times this would amount to treason since the president is sworn to uphold and protect nothing other than the values and constitution of the US. Indeed, what the Trump policies indicate is that the past is always with us - and fascistic thinking never dies. Why? Because fascism is not really a political ideology at all, but an atrophied, bitter and aggressive state of mind that is permanently with us in potentia, waiting to be awoken and realised. At any given moment it is more or less conscious as part of the mass psychology of a people.

Trump - and unfortunately for us - his authoritarian European counterparts - are realising how easy it is to awaken the sleeping giant of prejudice, fear and scapegoating of "the other." Make no mistake; democratic values and mindsets are already engaged in a psychological war - and democracy has few defences other than engaged individuals. At times like this the processes of democracy are not enough to safeguard it against the radicalised voter.

The sooner European leaders understand and distance themselves from the pernicious nature of this Christo-fascist American regime, the better. It's poison.

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Sinclair Lewis made this prediction in 1935. It has been building ever since.