Civilian deaths from US military action: when will the Pentagon learn to count?

Fake News alert. This article from the Washington Post claims that a "Pentagon Study" revealed that the US killed 500 civilians in 2017. Well, this is from the country that didn't even bother to register or count Iraqi dead for 6 years after the invasion - so what do they know? We can be certain that the real figures are many times what they will admit to.

"Ryan Goodman, a professor at New York University Law School and former Pentagon official, argued in a recent op-ed that a central flaw to the military process was the high bar, requiring substantial indications that a death may have occurred, set for opening an investigation. An even higher standard is required for confirming a death took place.... (ed: .... and then there's the question of whether they had been killed as the result of an airstrike or  accidentally blown themselves up while eating breakfast.)

Speaking Friday, Goodman said the report failed to include information requested by Congress about confirmed and “reasonably suspected” cases.

“I am sure Secretary Mattis as well as Congress want to know the true number of cases in which civilians may have been killed,” he said. “This report does not provide that number.”" Amen.

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US airstrike on Mosul on 17 March 2017 alone was thought to kill more than 500 civilians