This is what a broken democracy sounds like... the insane voice of right-wing America attacking Obama. Coming soon to Europe !!

This short video from the Huffington Post illustrates the kind of insanity that right wing America is suffering from - and how it is actually breaking democracy in every way possible. The link shows a collection of brief clips from news programmes, interviews and discussions which were used to denigrate Obama during his administration. Obama was far from flawless and he made some huge errors (such as not punishing the Wall Street banks and bankers for the financial crash in 2008) but the hatred and lies spewing out against him are disgusting, racist, inane but most of all false and hysterical. No political discourse of any kind is possible in this kind of Alt-right, Fox News, Breitbart-esque environment.

View.. a white knuckle ride..


Alex Jones - just one of the insane voices of the nut-jobs lying and hating their way to control.... Boy, do they detest democracy....