In a disgraceful ruling, the weak, biased and supine US Supreme Court bends over backwards for Il Douche to normalise Islamophobia.

It's interesting that those who claim to be advocacy groups fighting for "religious liberty" in the US (normally a solid indicator of being really fucked-up, bitter and prejudiced - and having abused the terms "liberty" and "freedom" to mean the opposite of their real meaning) have remained silent in the face of Trump's travel ban against, for the most part, some selected Muslim countries. Even as these Christian groups rejoice about a recent ham-fisted court ruling permitting the freedom of religious believers not to have to serve gay couples (is this what "freedom" is being used for?) they claim that the highly selective ban on Muslims travelling to the US should be reviewed through the lens of "national security". Notwithstanding the fact that it is based on a Trump tweet justifying it with: "Muslims hate the US" and the fact that not one of the banned countries on the list has provided a terrorist who travelled to the US to commit an act of terrorism. Meanwhile, those countries who did provide terrorists who travelled to the US are not included in the ban (hint: oil and defence contracts..)

As an article in the Washington Post stated: "Many prominent legal and advocacy groups who describe themselves as focused on religious liberty put out no statements Tuesday about the travel-ban ruling, despite the arguments raised in the case about religious discrimination. In contrast, the groups, which were primarily of the conservative bent,  put out immediate statements Tuesday about another decision by the court — one saying anti-abortion crisis-pregnancy centers cannot be required to tell clients about the availability of other state-offered services, including abortion. The groups included Becket; the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which is the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention; and the Alliance Defending Freedom."

Meanwhile, one of the Chief Justices on the Supreme Court (Sonia Sotomayer) spoke out against the judgement in an excoriating attack on Trump (read here) and the other po-faced conservative imbeciles who delivered the highly partisan 5:4 ruling. "Sotomayer remained resolute as she delivered an extraordinarily scorching dissent, skewering the court’s decision and condemning the ban as “harrowing” and “motivated by hostility and animus toward the Muslim faith." As the Washington Post put it: "That was the crux of the Justice Sotomayor’s damning conclusion: The president’s ban is “inexplicable by anything but animus,” and to argue anything else is to divorce oneself from the facts."

The Washington Post continues: "Compared with other recent federal rulings about religious liberty, “I would have said we were in a period when the court was caring more about religion,” said Noah Feldman, a constitutional law scholar at Harvard University who focuses on law and religion. “But this makes it look like what the court cares about is the religion of evangelical Christians, not Muslims. It makes it look like the Supreme Court doesn’t have a general concern for religion. It looks badly motivated.”"

The decision is another nail in the coffin of American democracy (this bunch really do hate freedom and find every "national security" argument in the book to shred the values of the constitution). And, of course, it's simply normalising Trump's Islamophobia and it will certainly have the effect of making Americans more - not less - fearful of a terrorist attack....(and that's saying something). So, in the context of what States of Mind sees as the reality of a psychological war, Trump and his feeble-minded supporters - have just delivered another huge own-goal in terms of the mass psychology of the nation. Expect more fear now, more bans and more US attacks on Muslims and Muslim countries. 

This is also what the latest Vlog on States of Mind is talking about: The processes of democracy are being used to break the values of democracy.. and as ever, the US - the country that lived by the code of McCarthyism - is leading the way. No surprise there, then.

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No checks and balances in sight. Trump uses democratic process to destroy values.