Now it all begins to make sense. Proof that "Il Douche" Trump is actively trying to dismantle the EU - against official US policy.

This article from the Washington Post reveals the astonishing fact that during their recent meeting In Washington, Il Douche (Trump) actually asked the French Presidents, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, why they wouldn't take France out of the EU - and as an incentive, Il Douche promised France a much improved (bilateral) trade deal with the US. What does the idiot think he's doing? He clearly doesn't understand the first thing about the EU or American foreign policy. Problem is that these views are more or less also being echoed by the idiot US Secretary of State Mike "Pompous" Pompeo - and spun as an exercise in "re-setting" structures and relationships in the US's interests. 

"Just this week, at a rally in North Dakota, Trump said: “The European Union, of course, was set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank.” He then complained about a $150 billion trade deficit with the E.U., inflating the figure."

Trump has been actively and consistently trashing NATO and the EU in public for some time but the Washington Post article reports that this is now becoming much more frequent than in the past. He wouldn't be doing this as part of a personal debt he owes to Putin now, would he? As the article states..." Of course, Trump’s opinions closely track those of Putin, including on the status of Crimea, aid to Ukraine and Russia's interference in the U.S. elections. Overall, Trump’s attack on the E.U. and the U.S.-Europe relationship is a huge strategic windfall for Russia."

Significantly, if we throw into the anti-EU mix, Il Douche's appointments as US ambassadors to the Netherlands (the moron Hoekstra) and Germany (the "unacceptable" Grenell) we can see them as part of a wider plot to insult and denigrate the EU (see States of Mind past on idiot ambassadors). What looked - at first sight - to be merely a pair of embarrassing toadies (which they are) can now also be viewed as forces for destabilisation within the EU - each echoing the equivalent of Alt-Right/Breitbart/Geen Stijl bullshit fake news. Hoekstra lied and invented stories about Muslim related violence in the Netherlands (which he then tried to deny) and Grenell talked about being in Europe to support the rise of the new far-right, describing them as "the future - whose time had come."

One thing is clear. The US under Il Douche is no friend to Europe. And as even the infamous US poodle Tony Blair admits, European countries will be forced to look elsewhere for alliances and this is "bad for America." Nice bark for a little fella.

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Trump is the enemy of a free liberal Europe.