Idiot US ambassador to Germany speaks out !

The new US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is today, officially classified as dim as the new US ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra. This comes as something of a shock since it was thought no one could match Hoekstra for stupidity - who denied saying what he had just said - in an interview with the Dutch media (see link here).

Grenell has just done an interview with closet racists - and Bannonesque grotesques - Brietbart - to say he wants to empower the Far Right in Europe. And he had this to say about Far Right ideologue and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz..."Look. I think Sebastian Kurz is a rockstar. I'm a big fan." Great that the US is here to keep Europe on track. As Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post says: "Why is the U.S. ambassador to Germany giving an interview to Breitbart? Why is he involving himself in partisan politics? For that matter, why is he an American ambassador at all?"

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What a guy !! He can walk and chew gum - Richard Grenell makes it look so easy.