German politicians call for idiot US ambassador to be removed

Well, that didn't take long. Grenell, the idiot former Fox News contributor sworn in as US ambassador to Germany just one month ago by idiot US vice president Pence (deputising for idiot president Trump) has behaved in such an undiplomatic way (promoting partisan extreme political points of view) that Martin Schulz, the former head of the Social Democratic Party has said that Grenell's position is untenable. Just for the record, Grenell yesterday ran to Berlin airport to kiss the ground under Netanyahu at the start of his poisonous visit to European leaders as well as arranging to meet ultra-right wing Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz over the next few days in Berlin. Grenell is already in love, calling Kurz a "rockstar" and saying "I'm a fan." What would he have made of the former neo-fascist Austrian political leader, Jorg "Lederhosen" Haider?

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"He taught me how to yodel...."  Love at first sight between Grenell and Kurz?