Facebook: it just keeps getting worse.

For many of us who care about protecting democratic values from the abuses of identity politics, misinformation and fake news, the slow demise of Facebook just can't come fast enough. This pernicious company - under the helpful eye of many dubious security services - has been at it again, selling private information to organisations and corporations who will use it for their own nefarious purposes. This article shows how Facebook has been caught selling customer information to Chinese companies (actually, does it matter where they're from?) against it's own customer promise and charter - and ironically, companies listed by the US as "threatening national security interests". In other words, Facebook, has lied again.

“Facebook is learning hard lessons that meaningful transparency is a high standard to meet,” says one senator on the US Commerce Committee. But who cares now what Facebook says about itself. We don't trust it - and it's already a proven enabler of anti-democratic values. Take a look at the Youtube link below and then read the article.

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Zuckerberg claimed not to know what "shadow profiles" were. Many find that hard to believe.