Abuse by Roman Catholic church in Ireland exposed yet again with the Magdalene Laundries.

In recent years, the Roman Catholic church in Ireland has been hit regularly by abuse scandals. Amongst the worst - if that's possible to assess - is the case of the Magdalene Laundries. 220 "inmates" from these laundries met this week in Dublin to speak out about what had happened to them. "Orders of Roman Catholic nuns ran the laundries for profit, and women and girls were put to work there, supposedly as a form of penance. The laundries were filled not only with “fallen women” — prostitutes, women who became pregnant out of marriage or as a result of sexual abuse and those who simply failed to conform — but also orphans and deserted or abused children. At least 10,000 women and girls are believed to have passed through the laundries between independence from Britain in 1922 and the closing of the last one in 1996. Their story is now being told."

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Abuse in the name of the Roman Catholic church has a long history in Ireland