Allez Macron ! French president fires G-7 warning shot at Trump: "These 6 countries represent values...."

And so the G7 becomes the G6 + 1. French president Macron warns Trump that the G7 - minus the United States - is willing to sign an agreement without the US. Trump is now openly attacking (the poor lamb feels "hurt") Canadian PM Trudeau, Macron and others and will leave the summit one day early. He is already isolated - which is exactly where he wants (and deserves) to be. And we need to keep him there.

There's a lot of hope being placed on Macron's performance here as it seems he is willing to stand up to Trump - and take a clear lead in Europe. Merkel (Tusk and others) are much too conciliatory with Trump - looking for compromises for German industry at the expense of European unity - and May is a basket-case (Trump has - hilariously - refused to meet her at Quebec). But cometh the hour, cometh the little man. Allez Macron. Courage !

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Incredibly, European hopes are resting on Macron.... parce-que le monde bouge