The Bad and the Ugly: Sheldon Adelson - the shit behind Trump's worst decisions

This article from the Guardian contains facts and short anecdotes illustrating the power, reach and sheer anti-democratic malevolence of Sheldon's influence in American rightwing politics in general, and Trump's policy decisions and appointments in particular. He is the force behind the US embassy move to Jerusalem and according to the article .."the day after Trump announced that the US was pulling out of the Iran agreement, Adelson was reported to have held a private meeting at the White House with the president, Bolton and Vice-President Mike Pence." It is thought that Bolton was his appointment. In the words of Daniel Levy, advisor to former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, “Adelson is a linchpin in bringing together the radical extremists on the Israeli right and this group of hardliners on Israel and neoconservatives,” ie: restoring those whose policies were discredited after the disastrous invasion of Iraq. Adelson is also the owner of the largest (and Netanyahu supporting) newspaper in Israel. Together, they are trying to engineer war against Iran.

In terms of anti-democratic forces, Adelson's (casino) money is being used to try and subvert democratic values through buying and manipulating the democratic processes and players. He is the worst kind of individual - in Old Norse - a Kunta. When it was explained to him what his policies meant for Israel he replied, “Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state. So what?”" And that, folks, explains everything you need to know about his intentions.

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Sheldon Adelson: “Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state. So what?”"