Scaramucci - "Adolf Bannon, I call him." Where is the hysterical genius now?

The late, great, British comedian Frankie Howerd had a running gag where, when faced with intractable stupidity, he would turn to the audience and say "Ohhh... you mustn't mock the afflicted." Sound advice. But when the afflicted is Anthony Scaramucci the normal rules are suspended since, for a short while, this hysterical narcissist (yep - the same psychopathology as Trump) wielded considerable power. Trump's former communications director - who told the press in an on-the-record interview.. "All I want is to kill all the leakers" ... and who said he would do anything to defend Trump,..."anything" .. it felt to many people as if the Sopranos had taken over the White House. But thankfully, they really were out to get him.

Scaramucci is such a loose cannon that he will never get back into the inner circle and is interesting today for one reason only - the fact that he was ever appointed communications director at all - even if it was for just 11 days. This interview reveals the utter ignorance and lack of judgment and in-fighting at the White House ("Adolf Bannon, I call him.”).  Okay, so he got some things right. 

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Scaramucci: “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock”,