Ignoramus Rex invades Britain as UK sovereignty collapses in the face of Yankee insults. Accuses himself of "fake news."

Trump has invaded the UK and swept aside the entire British government during a short newspaper interview with the fascist "Sun" (owner: Rupert Murdoch). He actually said: "I told Theresa May what to do and she didn't listen." And, in what has become normal US practice these says, the threats of punishment followed quickly. Britain will not get a trade deal with the US...blah, blah blah. Keep your fucking chlorinated chickens.

The irony of ironies is that the Brexiteers' alleged purpose in leaving the EU was to "take back control of sovereignty". OK. So Theresa May - the most incompetent UK Prime Minister ever - tries to thrash out a deal with her own fractured cabinet to begin serious Brexit negotiations and - after two years of trying - finally gets one. Then along comes lumbering Ignoramus Rex to threaten UK sovereignty AND to say that Boris Johnson would make a great leader of the UK.... in Trump's words.."a very talented man who has what it takes.." Presumably he has forgotten what Borat Johnson said about him in 2016 when he was Mayor of London..."Donald Trump's remarks betray a 'stupifying ignorance' that make him unfit for the office of President".

Trump now claims Sun write-up of his interview was “fake news” because it did not include his positive comments about May - even though the Sun report did include Trump’s pro-May comments. And after holding Theresa May's hand against last night at dinner, he claims he will now back whatever Brexit the UK decides to follow.

As for protests - they've already begun. The Trump baby is already flying over Parliament Square. And this reassuring quote from The Guardian: "Julie Bradford and her son Peter travelled from Morpeth in Northumberland to join the demonstration on Friday. She said:

"We were outside Winfield House [the US ambassador’s residence in London] last night with my old football rattle to make some noise when Trump’s helicopter landed, and we’re at the main protest today. It’s a historic moment. The Western alliance is being dismantled, human rights are being trampled upon, immigrants are being demonised, and racism and misogyny are being normalised. It feels like we are sleepwalking into this. My son and I want to scream! At least make a stand."

We can't wait until tomorrow to see what Ignoramus Rex says then. Nor to the guy who really has him by the balls in Helsinki.

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Ignoramus rex attacks, retracts, attacks again - then accuses himself of "fake news." A normal day on planet Trump, then.