Trump arrives in Helsinki blaming America (but EU is "biggest enemy") for poor relations with Russia. Reads from script passed to him by Putin.

Trump has arrived in Helsinki to have a secret (yes: private then) meeting with Putin about his private bank account, the hookers and the videos (don't ask). As Il Dottore points out in States of Mind (The Putin 2 puppet-on-a-string) is never - NEVER - critical of Putin. And this morning - in advance of the meeting - Putin 2 tweeted that the EU is "the biggest enemy". Astonishing. What an ass. He then went on to say: "Our relationship with Russia has never been worse thanks to many years of US foolishness and stupidity...." Wonderful stuff. For once States of Mind agrees with him. Not to mention that the Russian Foreign Ministry has just issued a statement that they agree with Trump.

First reports say Putin arrived late and now Trump is making him wait...The Guardian reports that Putin's limousine is larger than Trump's.

One point is worth mentioning here. Many governments in the West - and the group-think of US foreign policy industry jerks and idiots - blame Russia for what happened in Crimea..."interfering in the affairs of another country..."  Basically annexing it. Well no surprise there since the Russian Black Sea fleet is based there. Not to mention that Crimea wants to be part of Russia. Would the US have done the same if it had been placed in the same situation? You betcha! And further, not to mention, that the US has treated the Pacific and South China Sea as it's own bathtub since WW2 and is now complaining that China wants to assert its own sovereignty. Get real.

States of Mind knows for a fact that the US was behind the so-called "Orange Campaign" in Ukraine to overthrow the democratically elected pro-Russian government. Putin has not forgotten. The US has been interfering in other countries democratically held elections - all over the world - for decades (the list is a long one) and then they don't like it when it happens to them. The hypocrisy emanating from the West in this regard is quite disgusting and pathetic. Putin's Russia is, of course, behaving badly, but make no mistake, it was "The West" - and in particular, the US - that started it with opportunistic and unnecessary advances in military and other kinds of encroachment on Russia's long term interests.

The Russians are now following "The Gerasimov Doctrine" named after a Russia General who has basically described a" new" form of warfare based much more on influence and "information" (nb: not knowledge) than military might. Looks like they can now get their way without having to go through the hassle, expense and risk of actually fighting a real war.......

So, expect Trump to emerge from the Putin meeting wearing the latest loose-fitting KGB uniform (unlike the tight-fitting one supplied for Melania (aka Rosa Klebb: see States of Mind passim).

Trump Blimp.jpg

This wonderful image is taken from German TV.. Trump captured tweeting on arrival in Helsinki.....