Spoof "Who is America?" TV show catches senior Republican politicians advocating for 4 year olds to be trained to kill and given guns and grenades at school.

Sacha Baron Cohen - pretending to be a militarised Israeli lunatic - goes to Washington to sell the idea that children as young as 3 and 4 years old should be trained to use guns in the classroom - if the school is attacked. He claims this is standard training in Israel. He creates a sales video with some perverted old creep who is head of a serious gun lobby and takes it to Congress. The sales video includes clips of them singing songs with fluffy toys teaching kids how to pull the trigger and here to aim..."head and shoulders.... not the toes...." Amazingly he finds a good reception. We find Republican congressmen and senator (Trent Lott, former majority leader for the Republicans) saying that with the "Kinder-Guardian" programme..."that after just one month, a first grader (4 years old) can become a first grenader..."

The clip showing an idiotic congressman attempting to read a spoof scientific justification ("pathways from the liver to the nervous system..") for the programme to arm 4 year olds based on their faster reaction times ("like owls.... they can see in slow motion") is mind-boggling. Funny how this old retard was suddenly able to use "science" to justify killing when he rejects science in every other sphere of life. The clips advocating the programme also include phrases about children not having properly developed consciences which might otherwise prevent them from firing quickly... without thinking. 

States of Mind was pretty much speechless after watching this 10 minute video clip.... The problem is that these old fuckers thought it was for real. What a stupid country. Beyond disgust.




No words can describe the sheer stupidity of many American politicians and the gun lobby,