"Il Douche" Trump says Germans are turning against their leaders. Falsely claims crime is on the rise. More proof of his attacks on EU.

Taliban Trump (with apologies to the Taliban) has followed the US ambassadors to the Netherlands and Germany by undermining the efforts of their erstwhile allies in government - and playing to the agenda of the far right. What a moron. This is a moron whose policies involve separating at least 2,000 immigrant children from their parents - and having his lackeys justify it with Talibanesque references from the Bible. Is there no end to the Trump administration's ignorance and lies? The White House has said they are merely enforcing an immigration law .... when there is no such law. From fake news to fake laws.

Further, Trump has tweeted that German crime is on the rise when the official statistics show that crime in the country is the lowest for more than 25 years - since 1992. Not only that, the crime rate in 2017 was more than 5% lower than the previous year. 

One thing we can rely on these days is for the US ambassadors to European countries and the president to lie through their teeth. And, demonstrably, they are all idiots to boot.

As for the ambassadors? Yankees go home.

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Weirdo. There is nothing to be said about this alien that would do justice to its threat to peace and goodwill on Earth.