Abolishing separation of church and state. How the Trump supporting Christian right is changing American democracy.

This article in the New York Times is about the Reverend Jim Domen - a gay who was "cured" and became a family man through his faith - and who is now leading a movement designed to use Christianity to change the law in the 50 states. It is essentially a movement to turn the US into a theocracy. As the article says... "Mr. Domen’s efforts seem to be bearing fruit. “We’ve believed a lie for so long that the church and the state should be separated,” said Pastor Elias Loera of Fresno’s Christian Temple Assemblies of God in a Church United promotional video. “In my awakening tour experience,” he noted, “We had a different perspective of, ‘Hey, guys, we’re supposed to be involved in this process.’”

The destruction of key parts of the constitution is already in effect and democracy is being seriously undermined by the nature of Trump administration's appointments. This is actually pure Bannonism (after Steve Bannon: permanent drunk, temporary Trump strategist and part-time far right Catholic). As the article in the New York Times says, Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor, was ecstatic when joining a meeting of Christians. “One-eighth of the U.S. Circuit Court judiciary right now is a Donald Trump appointee nominee,” she said, “and we’ve only been here for 16 months.” What she means is, they are right-wing Christian appointees.

It goes on to say, "At an evening conference event at the Museum of the Bible, Barry Loudermilk, a Republican representative from Georgia, emphasized the biblical character of the Trump administration. “How many of you know that we have a church service every Wednesday night right over here in the Capitol building?” he said. “We have dozens of Bible studies that happen throughout the week. We have ministers that do nothing but walk the halls of the office buildings and drop in and pray with members.” Presumably, any similarity between Raqqa under the Islamic State and Washington under Trump is purely coincidental.

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A deliberate movement to try and change the US into a theocracy.