Hungarian "Rock Opera" to focus on national grievances from the 1920s - and grow anti-liberal sentiment

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing for incipient fascists - and they love nothing more than narratives of victimhood to galvanise their "little people". This article from the Guardian reports on a new Hungarian rock-opera based on peace treaty signed in 1920 that divided Hungary after WW1. The so-called “Trianon trauma” is one of the building blocks for the nationalism of Viktor Orbán’s government. Po-face Orban, who recently won a third term as prime minister, has used a strong sense of historical victimhood to drive an ultra-right wing agenda and is deliberately refusing to abide by key conditions on human rights of the EU.

The world has changed irreparably since WW1 - the borders of many countries have been re-drawn - some have disappeared - and life goes on. One thing that is clear is that the generation who may have suffered from the signing of the Trianon treaty no longer exists. Why are people being encouraged to imagine the alleged suffering of others? Radicalisation often has nothing to do with reality, and much more to do with imagined wrongs. Just ask the Irish about Cromwell in the 17th Century ... or the Sunnis about the creation of Shia Islam in the 7th Century ...

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Orban flying the flag for every national grievance he can resurrect