Facebook labelled "a threat to democracy" by CEO of New York Times.

Facebook has decided to classify and label anything they think of as political. At the end of the day, this is about (a) Facebook having too much power and (b) not being competent to make the right decisions. Even when they do try to do the right thing, they can never get it right..... and it's not just about borderline political stories .. but stories which are totally misunderstood by the search algorithms used by Facebook.

As the Guardian article states: "The friction over its implementation (to provide transparency in cases of political advertising) highlights a key tension within Facebook and all tech companies when it comes to dealing with cultural concepts. Should companies just rely far more heavily on human judgment or should they leave it to algorithms?"

"Robots, algorithms, computers and maths are amazingly potent in their capacity to sort unique objects: faces, places, images and text can be searched and identified quickly at great scale. But things which are not unique, or which carry with them inherent ambiguity – such as culture, politics, humanity even – are unsuited to evaluation by any kind of artificial intelligence application."

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Facebook: too much power to censor, classify and influence.