Franco's Spain: A new film reminding us what a recent European fascist dictatorship looks like

A new film, The Silence of Others, chronicles the fight for justice as well as the search for the stolen children and the 100,000 bodies still thought to lie in unmarked civil war graves in Spain. Despite the brutalisation of its civilians under the dictatorship of the fascist Franco regime they see forgetfulness as the greatest problem in Spain today.

As the article says....."At the heart of the film is the contradiction summed up by one of the lawyers in the case, the late human rights specialist Carlos Slepoy: “When someone is murdered it is clear: the courts must prosecute the criminal. “Yet when we talk about genocide, or crimes against humanity, it’s not so clear. Instead, people start looking for arguments – ‘it was a long time ago’, ‘it’s better to forget’, ‘we must turn the page’.”

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Franco. The repulsive dictator who ruled Spain with an iron fist - and the helping hand of the Catholic church.