Israel in uproar as Argentine cancels world cup warm-up match in Jerusalem.

Israels are more than perplexed by the cancellation of the event and the story behind the story is the interesting story here. Hardline Israeli "headline seeking" sports minister Miri Regev has been accused of politicising the sporting event by moving it from Haifa to Jerusalem and seeking photo-ops with Messi. As the article says, "Opposition leader Isaac Herzog called the snub a “spectacular own goal” by Regev that delivered victory to boycotters of the Jewish State. Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay called for a police investigation into Regev’s “corrupt conduct.”" Regev, in turn, stated that "terrorist threats" had been made against Messi and his family - but did not offer any evidence to support this claim. The cancellation is seen as a victory for the BDS movement.

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Israeli sports minister Regev accused of trying to use Lionel Messi for photo-ops