Russian diplomat: Macron now perceived by Putin as "leader of the Western World"

This article from Sylvie Kauffman, the editorial director of Le Monde, appears in the New York Times. "Leader of the Western world." Sounds good. But when you look at the competition today it's hardly surprising that a relative political novice like Macron already stands out. 

The overwhelming sense in Europe (and Canada) is one of humiliation by the idiot president of the (dis)United States of America where rudeness has acquired the status of virtue. A break between the US and Europe has been long in the making - since at least 9/11 and the ignorant foolishness and unrealistic demands of Bush administration (anyone remember "freedom fries"?). Even under Obama, the cracks were there for all to see. Under Trump, there is no more excuse for Europeans being in denial or even for trying for appeasement (which Merkel seems, ironically, to prefer). The problem is that Europe too is wildly disunited, some countries looking East and others looking West. It needs to pull together if it is to stand a chance of fighting its corner. "At the annual conference of the European Council on Foreign Relations in Paris last week, George Soros warned of “an existential danger” for Europe and insisted that Europe “must reinvent itself.”" And win or lose, Macron is the only viable new leader for this project. We wish him luck.

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