Borisa Johnson: the dumb blonde who fucked 70 million people on 23 June 2016.

This article from the New York Times - written by Jenni Russell of the London Times spells out the mess that the moron Johnson has left the country in. It doesn't need any comment from States of Mind.

As the article states:  "Britain is in this mess principally because the Brexiteers — led largely by Mr. Johnson — sold the country a series of lies in the lead up to the June 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union. They did so because neither Mr. Johnson nor his fellow leader of the Leave campaign, Michael Gove, intended, wanted or expected to win"...."Because Mr. Johnson and Mr. Gove were confident that the Leave campaign was a hopeless cause, they were free to make ridiculous claims that they had no expectation of ever having to fulfil."

And following his resignation as Foreign Secretary...."Mr. Johnson seems to believe that this is his last chance to become prime minister: After his resignation this week, he hopes to be reborn as a rebel who will lead the party. But more likely is that he will once again create political chaos without delivering what he wants. 

Two years ago, the side effect of Mr. Johnson’s ambitious maneuvering was to split the country and risk the prosperity and security of all Britons for decades. Now, just as a fragile basis for negotiation emerges, his selfish drive for vindication, attention and admiration threatens that, too. It is petrifying that the deliberate deceptions and wild ego of one man can so mislead a nation. (Americans know all about that.)"

Indeed they do. Indeed they do.

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The most loathed blonde in Europe.