Borat Johnson throws his toys out of the pram and Brunetti speaks out ! Relief washes over Europe but is short lived. Trump is on his way to save him.

The eloquent Brunetti is in a reflective mood and responds to a Trump supporter who, on hearing of Borat Johnson's resignation, suggested a greater threat lay in wait for the country. The fact is, for the UK, there are no winners with Brexit, in or out.

“He was a soft-in-the-head option. But you dream on, pal. There is no incipient populist revolution in Britain. Cromwell was 360 years ago and the Gordon Riots were put down by dragoons with muskets. Oswald Mosley was reviled by most Britons. The closest we’re going to get to total loony tunes is Corbyn and perhaps a few pseudo-Marxist municipalities.

The Brexit mob are piss and wind. They haven’t contributed a single meritworthy idea to this squaring of the circle they have insisted on, which in the Remainers Boris called ‘cakeism’ but applies equally to the Leavers, who are trying to be ‘out-but-in’, with all the benefits and none of the obligations. If they want out-but-in, the stark reality is that there is only obligation, with fewer benefits, and no power to moderate the former and expand the latter. It has to be just-plain-out. Anyone who persists in believing that just-plain-out, a hard Brexit, won’t be hugely damaging to the British economy is living in an ideological bubble and playing to a particular gallery that is, in reality, a dangerously hungry minority in Britain - a minority of pirates, robber barons, exploiters, devil-take-the-hindmosters.

Resisting them IS about power politics and power economics - and you can rail against it all you will, and call it all the names you call it, but it doesn’t change the fact that if the no-deal scenario comes to pass, the people who will hurt most will be below the median income in the United Kingdom or what’s left of it after Scotland and Ireland head for the door. And THAT is where intimations of instability find some traction; not in revolution but in other indices of wear and stress in the social fabric - more crime, more drugs, more food banks, more dole queues, more inner city decline. One way and another, getting half-pregnant here isn’t an option. Brexit ends with in or out. ‘Out’ is chaotic and painful. ‘In’ will be painful too and disappointing for many, and a constant thorn in the government’s side. It will need a lot of bloodymindedness too - because the PM Britain will need then is the one that goes back to the EU with, not a cap in his (or her) hand, but a half-brick with the following words stamped on its six sides: REFORM, ACCOUNTABILITY, FISCAL CONTROL, TRANSPARENCY, IMMIGRATION CONTROL, SOVEREIGNTY.”



Please Sir, can we have our ball back? UK Foreign Minister refuses to play ball.