Veteran BBC correspondent Gavin Esler speaks out on the disaster that is Brexit. It's time for the truth-tellers to come off the fence.

Some people in the UK will be old enough to remember Gavin Esler as a young reporter in Belfast during the darkest, early years of the IRA terrorist campaign in the 1970s. The BBC in those days made the huge mistake of attributing equal value to reports on "both sides" of the conflict - a strategy that had the impact of massively strengthening the narrative and marginal influence of the terrorists. This strategy of "false equivocation" had the result of giving equal airtime to terrorist lies and propaganda as it did to the state and ordinary citizens trying to deal with the conflagration. Many thought of the BBC as actually being players in the conflict and encouraging - by default - the violence.

In those days Esler went along with those instructions - they were the BBC's official MO. But with Brexit? In this article he argue there are no longer two sides to the argument - at least two sides of equal value. The Brexiters are basically lying bastards and fantasists. You only have to look at them and their backgrounds to see that their leading spokespersons are viewing Brexit as an opportunity to mine the value of the country and create a new elite of "Neocon-lite" economic radicals who will massively exploit the stupidity and ignorance of the working classes who also voted for Brexit.

Sooner of later the inherent, and unresolvable, giant fracture at the heart of the Brexit voters will come home to roost. Half of them are Tory half-wits and "Little-Englanders" who want the "wogs out" and to keep the golf-clubs white; the other half are workers who think that the EU was a drain on the health service and national resources and believed the scare mongering and blatant lies of people like Borat Johnson. These two sides - the toffs and the working classes - are natural political enemies and if they ever get their Brexit (which I don't think they will) one side will be big losers to the other. The "toffs" are ready to take the country down rather than concede defeat here. I've even heard it said that it may well take 50 years to recover from Brexit...but (wait for it..).."It will be worth it !" Well, for the rich who can ride out the storm..... but for the rest? No way.

If Brexit ever happens, there will be a violent counter-revolution before long.

Bottom line: there aren't two sides to this story. States of Mind has already covered this in other areas, but the fact is, opinions are not facts and all the Brexiteers have are opinions that are disconnected from reality. Gavin Esler is giving up trying to be balanced in his reporting.... and good for him. He just wants to tell the truth.

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Brexit simply reinforces the weakness of democracy. Votes based on unhinged opinions count as much as votes based on facts - and are easier to find.