A better chance of curing some aggressive cancers

This (hyped) article from the Washington Post claims that a new kind of immunotherapy could be a miraculous cure for some aggressive cancers. A technique known as CAR T-cell therapy can enable the body's own immune system to target cancers - with astonishing results even in case of advanced mutations. The results so far have been confined to relatively rare cancers. A team at the US National Cancer Institute is sequencing the genes in the patient’s tumor, then finding immune cells that are already primed to look for the tumor’s unique mutations. These are grown in a lab, and then infused back into the patient’s body in massive numbers. The process is both extraordinarily expensive and doesn't work on many common cancers, but they're working on that too. Let's wait and see. And the patriotic jingle at the end of the article grates.

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The article highlights an interesting development in immunotherapy in treating certain rare and aggressive cancers